Techinformi is a leading organization in the area of scientific and technical information in Georgia. It is a multi- and intersectoral information center engaged in the research, technological and practical activities in the sphere of retrieval, collection, classification, analysis and synthesis, storage and dissemination of sci-tech information.

Traditional directions of Techinformi activities include:
1. Reflection of Georgian scientific potential and promotion of scientific product distribution
  • Registration of R&D works ongoing in the country; registration and deposition of gray literature (published articles, monographs, research work results); recording and registration of defended dissertations; generation of relevant databases
  • Abstracting and indexing of Georgian scientists’ publications, dissertations, deposited works, and publishing of a Georgian Abstracts Journal
  • Creation of an electronic collection of technologies developed in Georgia and prospective scientific researches as well as its dissemination through international information organizations.

2. Promotion of information technologies development

  • Generation of and operation technologies development for databases operating under local and network conditions
  • Introduction and dissemination of on-line technologies
  • Generation of electronic publications.

3. Analytical activity in the scientific and sci-tech information spheres

  • Working out of recommendations (concepts) concerning the development of scientific activity and the sci-tech information system
  • Drafting laws in the sphere of sci-tech information
  • Preparing analytical information concerning the thematic, personnel and financial status of Georgian science.

4. Information service

  • Information support of research and technological activities
  • Publishing and printing services
  • Translation activity
  • Creation of an electronic information product.
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