1. Database on Dissertations Defended in Georgia
The database encompasses the following data related to the dissertations defended in Georgia: author, title, scientific direction, date of defense, place of performance, abstract/summary. The retrieval is carried out according to the author’s surname and first name, the date of defense, title and the scientific direction.

2.Georgian scientists proposed themes
Data Base includes all projects granted by GNSF in 2006-2008. Each record contains the title of project, annotation, research category and directions, research director, manager and main staff.

3. Database “Georgian Scientists’ Publications in Highly Ranked Foreign Journals”
The database encompasses over 12,000 publications by Georgian scientists in highly ranked journals since 1965. Each entry includes the data on the author (full name, place of work, address), article’s summary, date of publication, scientific direction, and the number of references/citations to the article.

4. Electronic Collection of R&D Works
The collection encompasses the data on the executed and ongoing in Georgia R&D works:   title of R&D work, name of the executing organization, scientific leader of the work, date of execution, scientific direction, and abstract. The collection includes over 3,000 entries  

5. Database on Organizations Operating in the Education and Science Sphere of Georgia
The database includes the following data on the general and high education institutions, research institutions, and management bodies that operate in Georgia: contact information, scope of activity, full name of the institution head. The database includes up to 2,000 entries.

6. Depository Library of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
The Library includes over 1,500 journals, catalogs, directories, guides, manuals, and other types of literature dealing with the agriculture, food processing, environmental protection, economic management and other issues. The collection is annually updated with up to 100 new publications provided from the FAO headquarters.

7. Database on Georgian Companies
The database encompasses information concerning the companies operating in Georgia. It includes over 9,500 entries of the government and private organizations, NGOs, embassies, missions, and other institutions. Retrieval is possible by the organization’s name, address, telephone and e-mail, as well as by the name of the organization’s head.    

8. Electronic Collection of Deposited R&D Works
The Collection generally incorporates the (unpublished) data on R&D works executed in research organizations and higher education institutions of Georgia: title of the work, name of the executing organization, full name(s) of the author(s), and date of deposition. Retrieval is possible by the indicated data. The Collection incorporates over 1,200 entries. 

9. Electronic Collection of Articles Published in Periodicals
The Collection comprises the data on up to 37,000 articles published in Georgian periodicals since 1972. Each entry includes the following data: title of the article, references, summary, UDC.

10. Georgian Laws in English
The electronic collection includes up to 200 legal acts passed by Georgian Parliament.

11. Georgian Abstracts Journal (GAJ)
contains abstracts of the publications of Georgian scholars in the science and technology sphere. Abstracts are made based on the articles published in Georgian scientific periodicals, collected papers of research institutions and universities, deposited gray literature, dissertations, scientific monographs. The first issue of the GEORGIAN ABSTRACTS JOURNAL was published by TECHINFORMI in 2000. In 2003 the publication in printed form was ceased to be renewed in 2008 in electronic form (E ISSN 1987-5800). The first issue of the electronic GEORGIAN ABSTRACTS JOURNAL is in Georgian, in addition to abstracts in Georgian it contains the bibliographic description in Russian and English. The next issues will be completed as a Georgian-English edition. The editorial team of the Journal wishes to thank all the publishers and scientists for participation in the preparation and providing materials for GAJ.

 12. Database on Legal and Normative Acts
The database includes legal and normative documents of the CIS and foreign countries. The database  is a bibliographic one. Retrieval is possible by a country, subject, document’s receipt date, and key words.

13. Catalogue of Experts
The Catalogue contains data on Georgian specialists in various spheres of science, technology and business who possess the appropriate knowledge and experience to render consulting, carry out the assessing and analytical work.

14. Database on Innovations
The Database enables to conduct a search of new technologies and products offered by Georgian scientists and inventors, research centers and industrial enterprises.
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15. Events in Georgia
Since 2000 Techinformi has been collecting and disseminating information about national and international conferences, seminars and exhibitions in the sphere of science and technology being organized and held in Georgia. Organizers are asked to fill out the form.
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