For those willing to participate in EU research programmes

Within the framework of the European Neighbourhood Action Programme, TECHINFORMI is carrying out a number of measures aimed at facilitating the integration of scientists into the European research activity, namely:

  • Facilitating participation of Georgian scientists in the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).
  • Facilitating dissemination of scientific products created in Georgia in Europe and introducing European R&D results in Georgia.

If you are looking for participation in the said integration process, please fill in one of the application forms annexed hereto:

Form one is to be filled in if you wish:

    a. To attract European partners with the object of implementing your scientific project within the FP7.
    b. To offer European partner(s) a scientific product(s) created by your organization.

Form two is to be filled if you wish:

    a. Based on the research expertise of your organization, to offer European research teams partnership of your organization in the implementation of their Project Proposal with the FP7.
    b. To offer European research partners your organization’s expertise in introducing scientific products.

The application forms filled in the Georgian and English languages shall be e-mailed to TECHINFORMI at the following addresses: and

Following proof-reading, the applications will be placed on CORDIS database.

Thank you for cooperation.

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